Rental cottages also for companies

Mikkola holiday cottages rent cottages for companies around the year. Vacancies especially outside the summer season. Holiday cottages can also be rent for meetings or conferences.

Companies can create events where the guests can enjoy their leisure time outside the meetings, such as fishing or skiing. The Lempäälä region offers also other leisure time activities.

You can enjoy the view on your channel cruise, visit local points of interest or hike the Birgitta track that goes around Lempäälä. You can combine your company's meeting to a refreshing event in a beautiful environment.

We customize a suitable package for your company. Contact us and let's plan a suitable event for you company!

A tip for business travellers: Mikkola holiday cottages are also popular among business travellers in the Pirkanmaa region. Instead of driving long distances, you can stay at our well-equipped cottages and continue your trip feeling refreshed the next day.