Bird watching and fishing by lake Pyhäjärvi

Mikkola holiday cottages are located in the peaceful countryside in Lempäälä, Ruuhola village. The cottages are located by the Lake Toutonen. Lake Toutonen is a part of Lake Pyhäjärvi and the water routes continue all the way to Tampere, Hämeenlinna and Luopioinen. Lake Toutonen is a good bird lake where you can see for example swans, wild geese and cranes.

There are excellent mushroom and berry picking areas as well as fishing areas nearby the Mikkola holiday cottages. In winter, you can go skiing or to sledge slopes to spend a nice day outdoors. There is also an ice rink for winter games nearby the cottages. In summer, there are running tracks and courts for volleyball and badminton. Children can get to know the domestic animals of Mikkola holiday cottages, such as sheep and goats.

You can find your way to the Birgitta track, a hiking route that goes round Lempäälä. The 45-kilometre route has several lean-tos, huts and campfire sites. There's a canoe route around the Lempäälä's central island that suits even for beginners.

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In summer time, you can take a Hopealinja cruise either to Tampere or Hämeenlinna. More information about the cruise at Hopealinja's website.

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